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Me and my story: Hi, i am Verena.

Me and my story:

Becoming a flying business integrator and a ceo wingwoman

As a Flying Business Integrator & CEO Wingwoman, I am a sparring partner and mentor for female entrepreneurs who have big visions.I am at her side as a partner, accompanying her in the execution of her corporate tasks, challenging her, encouraging her and standing by her side with ideas and my experience.

But how did I become who I am now?

Life is lived forwards. But understood backwards.

Soren Kierkegaard

Verena Gibson, Flying Business Integrator & CEO Wingwoman Fotocredit: Heike Moellers -

Me and my story

Here it is.


That’s me

and my story

When I look back on my previous experiences and professional positions, it strikes me that I have always been concerned with understanding my environment. My sense of perceiving gaps and nuances.

I now see it as my superpower to see what is not “optimal”. I listen to what is not said. This opens up the systems in front of me for me. My special focus is on people AND organizations.

The Beginning

and my struggles

As a child, it was difficult for me to orient myself in this life. Somehow I've always felt different and not belonging. My resume isn't exactly straight. It has always been an adventure for me to discover new things and deepen my knowledge.

I first studied biology and was already exploring there what holds the world together. Only now does it make sense to me why I went down this path. During my studies, I discovered my joy in business. Worked and studied business administration at the same time. I was able to bring my talent for marketing and sales to bear in a software sales company for architects and engineers, where I worked for nine years as a managing partner. I acquired my experience and expertise as a managing director with a focus on the commercial area independently in my early 30s. This enabled me to acquire a wide range of knowledge and experience.

What made it really special was that I was often responding to life and was invited to do so. It was not my intention to become so entrepreneurial. At least I thought so. Since I don't come from an entrepreneurial family, I was the first. Also the first to study.

Going new ways that I don't know and that no one has walked before me is therefore not new to me.On the contrary, it is a great adventure and pure joy for me when I feel that I can grow there.Because that's all I care about in life now, consciously growing outside of my comfort zone.To use my potential as much as possible and even more, to become effective with my superpower.

My Superpower

or how i survived my biggest challenge in business so far

I discovered my superpower during a difficult phase of professional change. At the same time, my desire to discover new things, try them out and continue learning became my greatest challenge. I wanted to continue building the business I was in and met resistance. I then trained in business mediation at the Zweisicht Academy in Freiburg to become better in conflicts. In this way I learned to communicate even more effectively and to understand the system behind our interpersonal communication.

When I realized that I was stuck in a professional dead end, I parted with my business shares and the business partner at the time. I realized that I couldn't bring my full potential to the place. What I learned from it took me miles forward and back to myself.

My Mission or what I thought it was

With the knowledge of interpersonal communication and the tools for conflict resolution, I wanted to support more people. How this could succeed in a professional environment came to me in the form of a position as a management consultant.

From now on I support companies, rather public and private builders in the construction and real estate industry in change processes and their digitization.

Here, too, I was the first consultant with a background in business administration and communication, so that I was focused on strategic consulting and became successful there. I became visible to the outside world with my communication skills.

Appeared on offline and online stages and became the contact and sparring partner for both the team and the managing directors. Together we developed further.

In the meantime, however, I continued to want to know how I could do more effective work, which I still seemed to lack. Because in the projects and in myself I noticed that it often felt frustrating. I found Marc and Lars from intrinsify through a podcast. I listened and stuck with them because they promised to solve leadership problems that others didn't even understand.

And there it was again, the moment when I realized I still didn't understand and I wanted to understand. So it could not be just interpersonal communication that can bring about effectiveness and potential use.

My Vision

or how I found the clarity for my true mission

I started training to become a "consultant for organizational design for agile teams and companies". I finally came full circle to my biology studies, to the nature and environment of organizations and to communication. That was the AHA moment I've been waiting for for so long: How do I really resolve conflicts in companies?

My gold moment.

I understood that companies and organizations are not made up of people, but of communication. The circle came full on why conflicts and challenges arise because of communication. Both between people and in companies. I understood why we should often ignore people, colleagues, to get to the heart of the conflict or challenge. Exactly because that's the only way we get to a self-observing meta-level. 'It is then much more about the circumstances in which a conflict arises and not about the behavior of people. Or that people have to change.

Essentially, it is about changing the circumstances or framework conditions in the company and not wanting to change the people. From my point of view, however, this approach is still communicated so often in leadership coaching or management seminars.

However, I was not able to use my newly acquired skills within a company because I was already part of the system. Similar to the immune response to a foreign body, the corporate culture reacted to me. I myself was convinced of the effectiveness, but again I was not able to use my full potential. I was frustrated again and was looking for a solution for myself.

I found my true mission in early 2022 through my business mentor Anna aka A! like beginning. That was exactly the right time to tackle my true mission with all my knowledge and experience.

Because I wish for companies and organizations led by female leaders who create effective working environments and in which people can develop AND use their full potential. I believe that a parity economy is needed to meet the challenges of our time. And there it was: my “true” mission.

Your Vision is my Mission

or how I became a Flying Business Integrator and CEO Wingwoman

When I think back to the moment when I had to decide what I should study or do professionally after my Abitur, then there was only one alternative to biology at the time.

My alternative would have been "pilot".

But pilot in a helicopter. I've always been fascinated by the flexibility of flying a helicopter. Vertical ascent and the ability to move in all directions. Fast and slow, standing in the air.

This is exactly the feeling I have when I'm on the road as a Flying Business Integrator. I take off to the meta-level of introspection. With the tools & thinking tools that are necessary for this. I ask questions to understand your business and your problem.

Fly higher, turn my direction, sometimes I dive deep again, only to pick up a scent the next moment and follow it. Like a helicopter discovering its environment and moving through the landscape.

The advantage of my work is that I can see, recognize and describe challenges for which you "still" have no words. At the same time, I take you with me in this process. You get into my helicopter and see your landscape, your business, from a different perspective.

And then there is the AHA moment. The clarity you lacked from not getting up into that meta level or into introspection on your own. You don't need a pilot's license to do this. You know how it felt and you can get yourself there again in the future. Or we fly together again.

Because as a Flying Business Integrator, I'll be right there when you need me. I'll fly over your business with you, we'll look at what challenges you're facing from above and solve them together. With regard to your business, it can be the challenge of self-leadership, or you need support in building a team or in your business in general. In my experience, the challenges are often not where you think they are.

That's what's exciting and challenging at the same time. Finding the effective solution to your challenge! What does it include? The trust in the pilot that she will bring you safely back to the ground.

I also bring that with me, because "your vision is my mission!"

I would be very happy if we solve your challenge together and bring your vision further forward!

✨ Let’s co-create your vision!











Leader who goes ahead fearlessly and curiously.

I am enthusiastic about a change of perspective and I really enjoy learning new things. More Seer. potential user.

My incentive is growth and success on all levels, to bring ineffective systems into their effectiveness and to their sustainable success.

far-sighted. Intuitive.

I am an animal lover without animals (so far 😉). I have a soft spot for aesthetics. love the mountains I like to go for walks and hikes. Miss riding a motorcycle.

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